Protocol Multisig

The Superform Protocol is non-custodial and non-upgradable. The protocol multisig is currently a 4/7 with these signers:

Stefan George (Gnosis): 0x9F7dfAb2222A473284205cdDF08a677726d786A0

Jon Kol (Hyperlane): 0x88B725087552A2600b6BD905C965D99e5d09CF74

Yacine Ghalim (Heartcore Capital): 0xDba3e032571E64e362214d5b4ED2E177adF33D30

Phillip Zentner (Li.Fi): 0xad1B2313b2Ad9a0E8FBa1cFcdB5e0651b50D0c1C

Blake Richardson (Superform): 0x1985df46791BEBb1e3ed9Ec60417F38CECc1D349

Alex (Superform): 0xE706F211330751adfb5CB88A690e42A3CaAf33c7

Vikram Arun (Superform): 0xFbcE385e2B8b7d6CeA52B4b971E31Af509e9B05A

Protocol Multisig Addresses:









BNB Chain






Avalanche C-Chain


Fantom Opera

We’ve designed the protocol so that funds cannot be stolen via any protocol admin actions. The Protocol admins can:

  1. Approve the addition of new Forms. Forms are Superform-specific adapters that link vaults to the Superform protocol. The first form is for ERC-4626 vaults and we will introduce new form types when new yield standards emerge.

    1. If required, new State Registries (logic to process cross-chain actions) can be added to support those new Forms.

  2. Approve the addition of new AMBs and the quorum required across chains to improve security and robustness

  3. Approve the addition of new bridge aggregators/validators to support more sources of liquidity

  4. Set configuration settings when deploying on new chains for our cross-chain AMB partners, including Hyperlane (mailbox), Wormhole (relayer), and LayerZero (UA and endpoint)

  5. Set various Superform specific configuration settings, including:

    1. The optimistic window time for users to dispute a rescued/failed transaction (set to 24 hours at launch)

    2. Vault deposit/withdrawal limit per transaction

    3. Set Permit2 address on new chains

    4. Allow for the updating of non-core addresses like keepers and helper libraries which would at worst result in downtime for the protocol, not lost funds

    5. Update the base URI for SuperPositions, an NFT representation of depositors yield. This can be frozen at a later date eliminating the ability for the admin to misdirect these images once we ensure proper hosting on IPNS.

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