The Superform Protocol is a suite of non-upgradeable, non-custodial smart contracts that act as a central repository for yield and a router for users.

Superform builds on top of this to solve other core issues in DeFi, together forming a two-sided marketplace paving the way for efficient discovery, execution, and management of yield across chains. It is permissionless, modular, and enables intent-based transactions across chains that allow users to execute into an arbitrary number of tokens, chains, and vaults at once.

For DeFi protocols, it acts as an instant out-of-the-box distribution platform for ERC4626 compliant vaults. For users, it allows access to any vault listed on the platform from the chain and asset of their choice in a single transaction.

Core capabilities for protocols:

  • Permissionlessly list your vaults on Superform by adding your ERC4626 vault to the proper 'Form' (a vault adapter within Superform)

  • Create a profile page with embeddable data sources for users to find more information about your protocol

  • Manage metadata for yield opportunities

  • Users can deposit into your vaults from any chain without the need to deploy your vaults on that chain

Core capabilities for users:

  • Deposit or withdraw into any vault using any asset from any chain

  • Batch desired actions across multiple vaults and multiple chains in a single transaction

  • Automate and manage your yield portfolio from any chain

  • Automatically compound your yield position

  • Make cross-chain transactions using multiple AMBs (Arbitrary Message Bridges)

Superform allows users to deposit or withdraw both same chain or cross-chain without switching RPCs, swapping tokens, or bridging themselves. When a user wants to transact cross-chain they need both a message to be passed and for the their tokens to be bridged. Superform solves this using three AMB (cross-chain messaging) solutions and two value transfer providers, respectively: LayerZero, Hyperlane, and Wormhole & Socket and Li.Fi. Superform's modularity allows for AMBs and liquidity sources to be added as security conditions and user preferences change over time.

Currently, AMB quorum is set at one, which means all cross-chain messages are passed with a message relayer and a proof relayer for maximum security. Additionally, routes generated off-chain are validated by specific on-chain bridge validators to protect against malicious actors.

Once a deposit is completed into a vault listed on a Form (a yield adapter), the user is minted a SuperPosition, redeemable 1:1 with the underlying vault share, on their source chain that can be burned to claim their deposit. SuperPositions are ERC-1155As and can be transferred as a group or individually and are viewable on NFT marketplaces.

This documentation will only cover external calls in non-abstract contracts. More information on internal functions and abstract contracts are viewable in our Superform Github repo.

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