What is Superform?

DeFi yield is a fragmented and complex landscape. Liquidity spread across hundreds of different protocols on many chains. Only the most sophisticated users can find the best opportunities and efficiently allocate their capital. Accessing opportunities can be daunting and tedious.
Superform is a non-custodial yield marketplace. The protocol aggregates vaults, routes assets, and executes transactions across EVM domains. It also acts as an instant distribution platform for ERC-4626 vaults.
Superform enables users to access yield opportunities from the chain of their choice. In a single transaction, users can deposit or withdraw from any vault listed in the Superform protocol using any asset (with sufficient DEX liquidity) they hold. Swapping, bridging, and depositing into vaults are all handled by the protocol. Superform does not manage or create vaults; it aggregates vaults from other protocols like mStable, Yearn, and Maple to provide a single interface for accessing the universe of yield.
Last modified 6mo ago