Keepers are infrastructure that triggers automated actions on the Superform Protocol to fulfill cross-chain transactions. Same-chain transactions are atomic and do not require any off-chain activity.

Keepers cannot change the original user intent, serving only to update values within user-specified parameters to fulfill a powerful UX.

There are 4 core functions Keepers perform on the Superform protocol:

  1. Updating amounts and transaction data on deposits and withdrawals respectively, done by CoreStateRegistryUpdater

  2. Processing payloads after quorum is reached on deposits and withdrawals, done by CoreStateRegistryProcessor

  3. Rescuing failed deposits if the price of a token to be received falls below the user intent, done by CoreStateRegistryRescuer

  4. Swapping tokens on deposits if needed on the destination chain, done by DstSwapper

You can read more about roles in the Superform protocol here: SuperRBAC

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