This is the Form implementation for a timelocked ERC4626 vault. Denoted as Form ID 2 on all chains Superform is deployed on, it inherits from ERC4626FormImplementation, using its overrides and action internal functions in an unchanged manner. Deposit flow is unchanged, but withdrawals are substantially different than ERC4626Form.

Core Concepts

There are two main changes to ERC4626Form that ERC4626TimelockForm implements to support timelocked vaults. On any withdrawal case (direct or crosschain), instead of redeeming from a vault, two internal functions are called:

  • function _requestUnlock, which calls the requestUnlock function from a timelockVault (must be compatible with IERC4626TimelockVault.sol interface). This initiates the unlock process and a timestamp with the date of the unlock is returned

  • function _storePayload, keeping handy information about the payload, including the timestamp created above.

At the end of the storePayload call, this information is sent to the TimelockFormStateRegistry, where it can be processed by the keeper after the end of the unlock process.


Once the unlock process is over, a keeper can finalize the timelocked payload by calling finalizePayload on TimelockFormStateRegistry, which in turn calls withdrawAfterCooldown in this form. This call will revert if actioned before the unlock timestamp. This operates just like a normal withdrawal, with a redeem from the vault and a swap or bridge done after to bring the output tokens to the beneficiary.


function withdrawAfterCoolDown(
    uint256 amount_,
    TimelockPayload memory p_) external;


Number of shares to withdraw from the vault


The struct containing the TwoStepsPayload info (see below)


struct TimelockPayload {
    uint8 isXChain;
    address srcSender;
    uint64 srcChainId;
    uint256 lockedTill;
    InitSingleVaultData data;
    TimelockStatus status;


uint8 boolean. Indicates if the withdrawal call is cross-chain or not


address of the underlying recipient


uint64 of the originating EVM chainId


uint256 of the timestamp with the unlock time


Refers to the InitSingleVault data struct


Refers to TimelockStatus, an enum with params: UNAVAILABLE, PENDING or PROCESSED. Prevents reprocessing of Timelocked payloads.

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